In early 1998 I switched to the Mac because I just wanted a simple to use computer for record keeping and to access the web.

In late 1999 I stated this web site because I thought I’d try and cash in on the dot com frenzy and create an over commercialized, bloated and content challenged portal. Well I guess I missed that boat! Now all I have is dreams of what could have been if struck it lucky with VC and been an IPO paper billionaire.

Truth be told, this site was started as a way for me to organize some of the cool things I discover on the net and post some of my own junk. To build it I use just two software packages, Photoshop for the graphics and BBedit to write the HTML.

Now ya know why I use a Mac and why I started this site. If you are interested in using a better thought out machine than windoze PC, check out an FAQ article I found online regarding the topic.

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the new iBook and Phaster

While the masses will keep on using the same old shit (a Windoze PC and AOL), enlightened individuals will be using a combination which will stand the test of time (a Mac and Phaster). I figure it is best to think ahead and use a system that can scaled for parallel processing.


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