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 Tashkent - The Stone Fortress
 Samarkand - The Gem of The East
 Bukhara - The Religion City
 Shakhrisabz - The Hometown of Tamerlane
 Khiva - The museum under the blue sky

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 CIA Facts on Uzbekistan
 Uzbekistan - Consular Information Sheet
 Peace Corps: The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love!

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  Visit Friendly Uzbekistan! Duck the gunfire, bribe the officials, drink the Cipro
  Escape from Tashkent
  SoYouWanna join the Peace Corps?
  Soviet germ war legacy lives on
  East meets West in Uzbekistan
  Uzbek Cuisine
  The Atlantic Council Foundation - Central Asia Politics


  RPCVs of Uzbekistan
  Uzbek Student Chat


 VISA Application - Embassy of Uzbekistan, Washington D.C.

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