While stuck in rush hour traffic it is not uncommon to see more than a few SUVs with single drivers. Reading the names of SUVs stuck in traffic, (path finder, trail blazer, mountaineer, tahoe, escape, explorer, expedition, sequoia, denali, etc.) I have to laugh because many of the people driving large gas guzzling SUVs bought into the marketing image of a lone SUV placed in some wild location. SUV ads work because it's a way to imaginatively connect with an exciting life style, rather than the boring lives people actually lead.

I wonder what would happen to SUV popularity if ads were based on reality, by that I mean if various SUV models were called gross polluter, mall cruiser or sport poser and photographed in places like traffic jams, strip malls or no tell motel parking lots with fat ugly models (my guess is few people would want to voluntarily project that image).

SUVs suck for many reasons including the fact that SUVs are just another dumb fashion fad, just like disco music and pet rocks from the '70's era, tie dye tee-shirts from the '60's era, tail fins on cars from the '50's era, etc. etc, etc! Fashion aside SUVs suck because for the general public are a waste of money and an inefficient use of natural resources. Driving an SUV in an urban setting would be akin to using a 5lb sledge hammer to drive in a thumbtack into a cork board!

But for those people fortunate enuf to be able to take overland trips in Baja, the United States and Alaska, a modified older 80 series Land Cruiser is the what I would recommend.

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