Baja California
Overland Snapshots

While watching a Frontline program on how products are marketed, I couldn't help but wonder is the real reason I selected a Land Cruiser because it has a tough sounding name and kind of looks the part of a capable and seasoned over land vehicle? Am I really just another wannabe warrior whose dreams of toughness are influenced by SUV superbowl commercials (which are directed at people who have lizard-brains)?

Land Cruiser
Baja and the beast, another Baja road trip snapshot good enuf to be in a car commercial don't ya think? Just don't look too closely cause the windshield is cracked, and I've got scratched paint. How come ya never see damage like that on SUVs parked at malls?

Baja California is an amazing place, filled with lots of wide open wild space. Away from the tourist-oriented sections surrounding San Diego and Tijuana border, is lots of a pretty country. On bright moon lite nights in the Vizcanio desert, boojum and cardon cactus stand like ghostly figures guarding stone ruins of early missions.

Mission San Borja, Oct 31 2004
The deathly cool still gray desert landscape during a full moon is an amazing spectacle to witness. Pictures can't capture the surrealistic moment.... everywhere ya look its like you're living in a black and white photo!


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