Before you submit your site...

Before you promote your website (or are thinking of building a site with free web space), use a checklist to make sure you have the basics covered so you can concentrate on site placement, registration and optimization.


Add URL’s

It will take you less than a minute to submit your site to many major search engines, but at present, the major search engines, it seems, are taking months (that’s months, plural!) to add new listings.

BTW following the trend started by Yahoo and Overture, to be included in PHASTER all requests for a site review by commercial sites and businesses will be charged a non refundable fee (a six pack of GOOD BEER, and GOOD PIZZA made by a local mom and pop store - NO BIG CHAIN PIZZA will be accepted).

To use the phaster search engine submission service, just type your responses into the first add URL search engine (AEIWI) - the items will then be automatically copied to the other major submit registration forms. FYI resubmitting URLs once a month is NOT SPAMMING. Spamming is when multiple copies of the same or similar pages are submitted.

Your browser has JavaScript turned off.
To use the automatic copy feature of this ADD URL submission service
turn JavaScript on in your browser preferences then reload the page.

Internet Explorer users: Preferences > Web Content > Enable Scripting
Netscape Navigator users: Preferences > Advanced > Enable JavaScript


Yahoo is a manually built web directory and they can’t keep up with all the submissions they receive. The solution is an automatic web directory that only accepts sites with proper meta tags. This thought grew into experiments and the experiments grew into “An Experiment In Web Indexing” or AEIWI.

URL to add:

Your eMail Address


AltaVista is an index, not a promotional tool. Attempts to fill it with promotional material lower the value of the index for everyone. Left unchecked, this behavior would make Web indexes worthless. We will disallow URL submissions from those who spam the index. In extreme cases, we will exclude all their pages from the index.

URL to add:

Your eMail Address


DirectHit is now a part of Teoma and To be included in this data base you have to join their Site Submit and pay a fee.

Excite is now part of the “LookSmart Network” and LookSmart now wants you to pay to list a business with them. The question you have to ask yourself is whether it is worth real money to list in Excite, LookSmart, and WebCrawler. FYI there is a free Excite add URL link, but it may take lots of time to get listed (if at all). To register a non-profit site (no fee needed), go to the Look Smart submissions page, then click on the “more information” button, then on the “submission for nonprofits” link toward the bottom-left of the page. Or try to submit a site to Zeal.Com since LookSmart bought Zeal (a Community Directory).

Add/Promote your site to EuroSeek, the *first* true multilingual search engine in the world! With 40 European languages supported. Submit one page only. Our crawler, Arachnoidea, can find your other pages by following links from this one page.

URL to add:


Recent studies have shown that today’s popular web search engines cover only a relatively small fraction of the web’s URLs. Now FAST (also known as AllTheWeb) has promised to rectify that problem with a massive expansion of coverage.

URL to add:

Your eMail Address


Gigablast is the first large-scale search engine (100+ million pages) to do real-time crawling. Keep in mind that this is not just real-time add url, but real time crawling of the WHOLE index.


Gimpsy uses very stringent rules when screening a candidate's site for inclusion in the directory. The site must be interactive and provide a service to the user, and not just information.

Home Page URL:


Please enter your full URL, including the http:// prefix. For example: You may also add comments or keywords that describe the content of your page. These are used only for our information and do not affect how your page is indexed or used by Google.

URL to add:



HotBot use to be a good way to get included in the Inktomi search engine data base, but alas they want you to use a comprehensive suite of Search Marketing tools for a fee, rather than a free add url page.

February 2001, Disney the parent company of the Infoseek / Go network, has decided to shut down this service because it isn’t making them any money and they don’t see how it can.

This “Link-O-Matic” promotion service, submits your URL to over 450 of the best free for all links directories. Note some FFA pages will send you a confirmation to a valid email address. You may want to set up an email account with one of the free web email services such as Hotmail, and use that address for this purpose.

Web Site Title

URL to add:

Your eMail Address

Category for this submission:


To add your site to Lycos you need to pay!!!!!! Site owners can submit their web site to the worldwide Lycos catalog. You can find these tools at the following Web address:

Registration of your URL is free of charge. It is not necessary to submit more than one page from your website. Our crawler, Gulliver, can find your other pages by following links.

Your URL

Your Name

Your eMail Address


Walhello developede technology that can identify information clusters and determine the size and quality of an information cluster. This technology is based on artificial intelligence and language recognition techniques.

Your URL


French edition and flagship-service of the Voila search engine, which indexes over 100 million pages worldwide. It also features a directory of web sites. It is produced by France Telecom and powered by Echo.

Your URL

Your eMail Address


Submitting to Yahoo

Submitting to Yahoo or the Open Directory Project (which is the basis of AOL) is somewhat of a different process. Carefully prepare a short description of less than 150 characters, a brief title that should reflect the company name or the main title on the home page, and a list of the best 6 keywords Once loaded with this information search for your best keyword and submit to that category.

Sites wishing to be listed within the “Shopping and Services” or “Business to Business” areas of the web guide must now use Yahoo’s $199 “Business Express” service. A free submission option remains for those submitting to other areas of the site or to regional commercial areas at Yahoo’s non-US editions.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Yahoo prefers resubmits no earlier than 4 weeks after the first submission. If no luck after the second submission, wait another 4 weeks and send a polite email with your information to After following these steps, you may then try leaving a voice mail request for review at Yahoo support center 408-731-3333. If no results, repeat this process from the beginning and remember to wait at least 4 weeks between requests.

One last suggestion, Yahoo Daily Picks and Weekly Picks are editorial features which highlight new and distinctive web sites. You can suggest your site as a “Pick” by eMailing the editorial team at


Share A Lead

The web is too large to be explored entirely by search engine or link by link. So if you have a few good leads share them with other users.

To introduce yourself or post any comments about this site, use the graffiti wall.


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