anti globalization and the simplicity movement are counter balances to over commercialization and the walmart mindset which equates happiness with cheap material goods

Did you know you can eliminate ads when you surf the net? By modifying a web browser to block various ads, it is possible to retrieve information much faster. On a dial up connection to a site like MSN, a page without graphic ads loads much quicker than a page with graphic ads.

Ad blockers are utility programs that eliminate banner ads, and there are ad blockers for use with a Mac, Windows or Linux machine. With a Mac (which is what I use), it is a simple matter to modify either a Netscape or Microsoft browser to eliminate ads and it should be just as doable to block ads on a Windows box.

As with anything else it is good to play devils advocate and ask "is it wrong to block ads?" There is no simple answer because on one hand there are costs someone has to bear to provide a good or service, and if no one was willing to pay for anything then nothing would be produced. On the other hand ads on various media like the web, on TV, in a new paper or magazine, etc. lead to sales which give people incentive to produce new goods and services, and so on, and so on.

Because it takes time and effort to install most surfers do not use ad blocking software, and suffer unnecessary ad clutter.

advertising shows an idealized dream world which many people believe exists
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