Friday, April 25, 2003
In Ads They Trust?

More US consumers place trust in traditional advertising and marketing vehicles than in online vehicles, according to PlanetFeedback. It found 47% of US consumers trust print ads, but only 8% say the same about online banner ads and just 2% trust online pop-up ads.

PlanetFeedback surveyed US consumers this month to learn what types of advertising and marketing vehicles they trust, and found that 61% trust word-of-mouth product recommendations, 47% trust print ads and 42% trust TV ads. Only 8%, however, feel the same about Web site banner ads and just 2% feel the same about pop-up ads.

PlanetFeedback notes that the majority of its respondents were women and had broadband Internet connectivity. The company also asked consumers which forms of marketing and advertising they consider annoying. A whopping 83% cite pop-up ads while 77% qualify spam as annoying.

The study also determined that 50% of respondents associate financial services and/or credit card companies, online travel services and telecom and/or wireless services companies with spam.

Similar to the PlanetFeedback findings, GartnerG2 found that 78% of US Internet users find pop-up ads very annoying, while 49% told Gartner they think the same of banner ads.

A 2002 Valentine Radford survey determined that 74% of US consumers think pop-up ads are annoying.