anti globalization and the simplicity movement are counter balances to over commercialization and the walmart mindset which equates happiness with cheap material goods

A high class, big budget, high bandwidth web site like this needs tons of money for day to day operations, so corporate sponsorship is actively sought for a public awareness counter-ads, ad champaign. For the low price of $0.69 per page view, a corporation or a rich pretentious individual (hey Paris baby, how about it) can place a small banner on the home page of this site and show the world they are proud sponsors of this much needed public service.

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P. T. Barnum the legendary circus promoter (and precursor to the modern corporate advertising executive) knew "there's a sucker born every minute," and realized if you sell an idea just right, the public would eat it up. Guess that explains why so many people drive "bling-bling" SUVs, or buy Brittany Spears and various boy band records.

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