Given a few million in extra pocket change, it might be interesting to offer to buy a 30 second spot(s) during a superbowl and show counter-ads. A network would never allow counter-ads to be shown because they are in the business of selling dreams, but if it were shown it might make people stop and think that to some degree slick ads just like political propaganda can fool people into wanting dumb things with unintended consequences.

B.T.W. here is an idea for any corporate lawyers, sue about about the fair use of your companys brand trademark. Like they say in the Mastercard commercials, the publicity would be "priceless."


Ready for adventure? TrailBlazer defines it, ACCORDING TO ADVERTISERS
Advertising like political propaganda is the art of getting people to believe in a dream world and advertisers know what buttons to push,


Bin Laden brain washed followers into believing that the United States is the enemy of Islam
kind of like how the Taliban brain washed their followers into believing that the United States is the enemy of Islam,


Nazi propaganda brain washed a country
or how Nazi propaganda helped put Hitler in power.


So to some degree consumers of SUVs, followers of the Taliban and Nazi party, all have something in common and that is they all were fooled into buying a self destructive reality.


A "fair and balanced" explanation Why SUVs Suck and Why Do So Many People Buy SUVs.

It's true that SUVs roll over. But so does your dog, and you're not gonna ban dogs just 'cause they roll over are ya?

"bling bling" SUVs - Hummer H2 is an image

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