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On Nightline last night (9/8/2004) there was a show on the end of the "Assault Weapons Ban."

Long story short, the president of the NRA made the point that people should be allowed to have assault weapons because the ban was not effective and in the future she said there was no reason to have another type of similar weapons ban. On the other hand the LA police chief was in favor of keeping the assault weapons ban (as flawed as it was) because he felt it saves lives.

are chicks with guns sexy
What could republican politicians or the NRA possibility object to in a photo like this that implies "We are the NRA" and shows modest dressed women with guns.

After Nightline was over I thought it was a golden opportunity for me to put together a basic pitch for a never done before reality based TV show.

My concept combines the basic no nonsense reality based show found on FOX but adds the humorous factual fake news of the "daily show" (I would try and avoid film editing techniques by that fat guy who wears base ball caps and seems to pester presidents of car companies and that other guy who is hails from Texas). The pilot show would start off with auditions for a bunch of swarthy looking random arabs (US citizens of course) trying to dress up in traditional ethnic stuff (i.e. towels wrapped around their heads and dressed in bed sheets). Then in costume I'd have them up at a gun show with a bunch of legal (they should be in a few days) AK47's or Sks assault rifles. A camera crew with small hand helds would document the dressed up Arabs actors looking for helpful NRA officials, the dialog would be along the lines, "where can we buy a number of large capacity magazines" or asking for directions to the airport. It might also be telling to see if NRA officials would be willing to pose together with the Arab actors for publicity photos after they are let in on the joke that they are part of yet another no nonsense FOX TV show.

The season long reality TV show would continue on with a weekly lottery where a few lucky NRA members would be asked if they like to keep on living in the States where groups like Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws try to push NRA leadership and political leaders down the slope of a bunch of sissy rules. Or an NRA members could try and live up to NRA leadership rhetoric and choose a total gun freedom holiday by visiting places like Iraq or Afganistan for a few months. All expenses would be paid for by advertisers who I'm sure would be guaranteed a pretty good X-games audience if a show like this was brought to reality.

If my TV reality show pitch does not appeal to the networks, I guess I could rework my basic ideas and pitch the gun lobby. Imagine the media buzz if the NRA leadership was true to its word and announced it was considering an "Arab" spokes person to promote assault weapons, I'd imagine if some people saw an Arab dude with a gun there might be just a little bit of a fear factor in the general public (but this would be good in a round about way, cause of increased gun sales). Even better yet I think I'd suggest to the NRA leadership that they announce they are holding an NRA convention in Afganistan or Iraq (after all both these places have a long history of "gun culture" just like the United States). Convention goers would have a good excuse to buy that fancy HK MP5 they always wanted.

with the right light even a volvo can have sex appeal
It has been said that a good sales man could sell ice cream to Eskimos during winter, in the right light even a boring Volvo can have some sex appeal... So I guess it is not asking too much to get Americans to see the wisdom of having the general public buy into the idea assault weapons are harmless.

Basically I am not holding my breath for network execs or NRA leadership to jump on my twisted humor promotional stunts, cause these ideas might be just a bit too political to over come a complex HOT BUTTON issue like guns. But if I manage to add enuf sex appeal....

"everyone is ignorant just on different subjects"
- Will Rogers

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