anti globalization and the simplicity movement are counter balances to over commercialization and the walmart mindset which equates happiness with cheap material goods

At Burning Man 2003 I had a religious epiphany of sorts, after I happened upon Reverend Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping; combine that with recent news like the can spam bill and the FTC national do not call list, and my personal liberal elite bias (yup I think I am smarted than most people, but don't we all) made me want to remind people that the problems of the developed world like buying too much junk and dealing with too much advertising is of our own doing (and very minor when compared to the daily struggle for survival people face in the less developed countries).

Capitalism and democracy is a great thing because people have the freedom to make economic and political choices. But one often over looked down side to capitalism and democracy is people are often swayed by slick marketing campaigns and buy too much junk. Besides that dealing with blatant advertising is a waste of time (assuming you're an average American by the time you reach age 65, you'll spend eight months of your life simply opening junk mail).

If you see my rants on corporate branding and consumerism, in the same light as the anti globalization movement or a step toward socialism, then that is your prerogative. I prefer to think of it as a thought provoking exercise to counter balance to the over commercialization of holidays like Christmas and the Walmart mindset which seems to equates happiness with cheap material goods. What ever your political convictions (or lack thereof), I hope by poking around my site you at least get the idea that ads (some of which are entertaining) are a form of brain washing (with high human and environmental costs), and should be looked with a healthy dose of skepticism.

advertising shows an idealized dream world which many people believe exists
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